Defensive Pistol Basics I


This course thoroughly covers the basic use as well as the nuts and bolts on the operation of the platform of a handgun

This course is for beginners who want to expand their pistol knowledge beyond the Concealed Carry Class. The course is designed for calibers including .380 up to .45 ACP but please NO magnum calibers.

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Course Outline

  • Safety rules and medical brief
  • Fundamental operation of a pistol
  • Proper holster draw
  • Proper reloads from the belt
  • Malfunction Training
  • Shooting drills
  • How to practice on a budget

Please call/ email for cancellation/ rescheduling within 10 days of your scheduled class. Proper reimbursement or rescheduling will be done upon your call/ email

Course of Fire Minimum Ammunition Needed:

  • 350 Pistol

YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT AND AMMO. Safety glasses, hearing protection, and a pistol holster of choice are required and will NOT be provided. Recommended but not required equipment is as follows: Pistol magazine pouches (1-2). Class will begin at 8am SHARP to 5pm with a one hour lunch break around noon. FOOD IS PROVIDED!